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About the company

EGT system spol. s.r.o. was established in 2008.


EGT basis

EGT is based on interconnection of capital and business experience with the work of development staff.


  • Development and sale of ENERGEN preparations for agricultural crops.
  • Consultancy in the area of plant stimulation.
  • Preparation of new raw materials and supplements for agriculture.


The aim of development is to improve the accuracy of stimulating and regulating effects of our preparations in relation to various conditions of growth of plants and to various crops and varieties. Our development priority is to increase and improve the effects of adaptogens, particularly the effects increasing the resistance of plants to drought and cold.


EGT system spol. s. r. o. makes use of contractual production with a high production capacity. The preparations are produced by workers possessing expert knowledge.


ENERGEN products are sold through sales representations providing consultancy throughout the Czech Republic. Technical information is exchanged continuously and bilaterally. Our sales representations provide us with feedback consisting in information and operational requirements.

Corporate philosophy

We want to bring the findings from physiology of plants to your farms. For us, the precondition of long-term success is to establish our customers’ trust in the quality and effects of our products. We believe it is very important to provide consultancy that finds the optimum economical application of preparations resulting in very good enhancement of crop yield and quality.

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