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About company

EGT system spol. s.r.o. was established in 2008.


EGT essentials

EGT was established by combining the capital and experience and skilled developers.


  • Development and sale of ENERGEN products for agricultural crops.
  • Consultancy in plant stimulation.
  • Preparation of new materials and supplements in agriculture.


The goal of the company’s development activities is to enhance the stimulating and regulating effects of our products in relation to different conditions for growing plants and their varieties. Our development priority is to increase and enhance the effects of adaptogens, in particular the effects for increasing resistance to draught and cold.


EGT system spol. s. r. o. provides contractual production activities with a high production capacity. Production is performed by skilled employees.


ENERGEN products are sold through the company’s own branches that operate sales and consultancy activities throughout the Czech Republic. The exchange of expert and business information between the market and our representatives is interactive, continuous and bilateral, with a view to ensuring the maximum quality of our products. Our sales offices provide us with feedback, giving us information and operating requirements.

Corporate philosophy

We want to bring new findings in plant physiology to the growers. Our key to long-term success is to establish our customers' confidence in the quality and effects of our products.

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